ماشاء الله تبارك الله ماشاء الله لاقوة الا بالله , اللهم اني اسالك الهدى والتقى والعفاف والغنى

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Sweet Smell of....Perfume?

The Sweet Smell of....Perfume?

The word 'perfume' comes from the Latin per fume, meaning "through smoke". The first scents were burned much like incense, and thus the aroma arrived "through the smoke". The Egyptians invented glass and the perfume bottle was the first use of glass, around 1000BC. Jumping ahead to 17th century France, perfumed gloves were popular, making it easier to mask the unpleasant scents of rotting meats and, shall we say, less than adequate public hygiene. Eau de Cologne was invented in the 18th century, and became a revolutionary advance in perfumery. In the 19th century, chemistry came into play, and a multitude of new scents were 'invented", rather than mixed, as they had been previously. Perfume was becoming ever increasingly popular, and in France, there was even a fragrance called "Parfum a la Guillotine". Apparently, you would not want to meet your maker smelling unpleasant!

The town of Grasse in Provence established itself as the center of raw materials with it's orange, rose and jasmine growing trades. Paris itself became the center of the perfume industry and spawned the creation of such perfume companies as Houbigant, Loubin and Guerlain, all still producing perfumes today. In 1921 the fashion designer Coco Chanel launched her own fragrance, Chanel No. 5, so named because it was the fifth scent presented to her by her fragrance designer Ernest Beaux.
(It was the first "grownup" perfume I received and I have saved the bottle all these years!)

The 1930's saw floral scents take the forefront, with the introduction of Worth's Je Reviens, and Jean Patou's Joy, both still popular today, and continue to be two of the most expensive on the market, especially when presented in limited edition cut-crystal bottles.

Today there are over 30,000 "designer" fragrances on the market and perfume is no longer reserved for just the wealthy. Witness Paris Hilton's recent introduction of fragrances; Elizabeth Taylor and her highly successful line of perfumes named after her favorite jewels. Even rappers are coming out with their own scent.

Do you have a favorite scent?

Finding Event Companies in New York City

When throwing a party, the price of planning can get quite pricey. It is important to do a little research about the event company before employing them, as you will want to guarantee that all runs smoothly. Living in New York City, individuals are used to extravagant parties, so when planning an event, there are a number of things you should think of when looking for an event company.

The first thing you will want to ensure is that the event company is imaginative as well as willing to listen to you. New York is one of the most glamorous cities in the world so a big part of planning a successful event is making sure the company is good at coming up with new party themes that will get yours noticed. You will also want to make sure the event planning company will stick within your budget and still deliver the party you wanted.

Companies such as NY Party Works, work to produce the party you dream of. Whether you are seeking a formal, sophisticated atmosphere or a fun, light feeling, companies such as NY Party Works can design the area with all the suitable decorations that will make your party come alive.

No matter who or what you are planning the event for, you will want to make sure the event company can fit your needs. NY Party Works provides performers of all types as well as arts and crafts for younger clients, and game tables and casinos for older clients.

You will want to ensure the event company is flexible and can encourage new ideas; living in New York City, this is a must. NY Party Works is one of many event companies that provide full party planning. At times, planning a party can be stressful enough and the last thing you need is an unfit planning company.

The most crucial feature of an event planning company is truly caring about their clients. Some companies are only looking to make money and are uninterested in the outcome of your party, as long as they get paid. You will want to make sure the company has a good relationship with their clients and understands how significant the success of a party is, especially in New York City. - 13731

Chanel Perfume

There are many perfumes in the world that stay in our memories as being wonderful or even great. These perfumes however are eclipsed by the most famous perfume of our modern times. This is the Chanel Perfume that bears the simple number 5 on its label. We know this perfume as it is now called Chanel No.5.

There are many stories about how this Chanel perfume came into being. What is known is that it was created by one Ernest Beaux and relesed at the premier of one of Chanel's fashion shows. This was in 1921. The perfume was a hit because it departed from the usual standard of perfumes that were sold during that era.

This particular Chanel perfume set the stage for many new innovations in the perfume world because of the new ideas that were used to create this perfume. Instead of the usual flower scents that were used Ernest Beaux used synthetic perfume oils as well in his creation. He let Chanel choose the sample that she wanted to present and when it became famous other perfumes were made around this same idea.

Today while Chanel No.5 is one of the most famous perfumes in the world there are other types of Chanel perfume for us to see and try. Some Chanel perfumes have followed the trend of the first Chanel perfume. These perfumes bear a simple number as their name.

Besides these Ernest Beaux created other famous Chanel perfumes for us. These include Chanel 22 which was released in 1922, Cuir de Russie which was intorduced in 1925, Gardenia which the public saw in about 1925, and Bois des Isles which came into our lives during 1926. These perfumes were later reintroduced to the world as boutique exclusives in 1986.

Other than these Chanel perfumes there are some new brands on the market. For instance in 1984 the house of Chanel launched their tribute perfume to Chanel. This Chanel perfume was simply called Coco in honor of Coco Chanel. Allure the Chanel perfume for the woman of today was released in 1996.

The Chanel perfume range is always released with the help of a beautiful celebrity. The first such person who helped make Chanel perfume well known was Marilyn Monroe. In an interview with a journalist Marilyn Monroe said that she only wore Chanel No.5 to bed.

Nicole Kidman became the new face of Chanel perfumes during 2004. As we knew her as a talented actress the idea that she wore Chanel perfume brands made sure that we would try a Chanel perfume the next time that we went to buy perfumes. This constant change of well known personalities and celebrities helps to keep Chanel perfume in our minds.

For all of these reasons Chanel perfume is an iconic perfume. When we buy even a small sample perfume we are buying into history, because no other perfume has changed the way that we look at perfumes and ourselves.

Perfume Samples

There are so many perfumes for us to look at. Each of these perfumes has their own unique personalities and characteristics. When we think about buying a perfume the first thing that we want is to know if a particular perfume will suit us. There are many ways that we can accomplish this. The best way might be with those little perfume samples that we can find in department stores.

These perfume samples give us a tiny taste of what the actual size perfume bottles have. These perfume samples are also very inexpensive so we can afford to get a few of these at one time. We can also find "perfume samples" in the many miniature perfume gift sets that are available in the various department stores.

The other great way to get perfume samples is to wait until a new perfume is due to be released. At this time you should pay a visit to your local department shops. Here you will find lots of sales personal handing out free perfume samples to the various people who pass by the store.

Don't despair if you have managed to miss these promotional sales. Perfume companies are always on the look out for potential customers. They usually send free perfume samples of their newest products straight to your door. Sometimes these companies will send us free perfume samples in bulk form so that we can give these to our friends if we like the fragrance.

This is definitely one way to get free perfume samples. Of course if you do get a large number of perfume samples you don't have to give them away. After all you can use these perfume samples until you decide which type of perfume that you would like to invest in.

As there are quite a lot of perfumes in the market that are available you may want to wait until the various department stores start restocking their shelves with new perfumes during January. At this time not only will you be able to buy perfumes that used to be very expensive but you can also find new perfume samples for you to take home.

Every perfume company wants you to come and buy their products. They have found that the best way besides advertising is to give away perfume samples. When the people use these free samples they can decide if they like that perfume enough to buy it when they go to the department store the next time around.

Perfume Mania

Perfume is everywhere that we look. When we go to the department store we pass the perfume section that is bursting with perfumes. There are other times when sales personal will give us free samples of the latest perfume that's about to arrive at their stores. It seems that every time and everywhere perfume mania has struck.

With so many places offering you great perfumes to try you might get a little confused. Why does everyone seem so intent on giving you perfumes samples? Is there a reason for all of this perfume mania? Well the answer maybe a no or if you are going by your favorite department store just as they are about to introduce their new stock of perfumes then the answer is a resounding yes!

Perfume mania seems to hit department store just before they get their new stock and around about January there are tons of clean out sales where perfume mania runs riot. It is at these times that you should stock up on various perfume sample bottles, free mini samples and perfume gift sets as well as perfume that is going dirt cheap.

With so many department stores going a little crazy at times like this you are sure to find some great bargains and even better new perfumes for you to try. You shouldn't forget about your favorite drugstore during this time of perfume mania. Even they may have lots of perfumes for you to take home in bulk quantities.

Another way of getting great perfume deals is seeing if your local aromatherapy shop is offering discounts on their supplies. The perfume oils that they have can be used to make your own designer perfumes. This way you can get into the perfume mania that seems to be running around your neighborhood.

There are other places where perfume mania has free reign and that is on the internet. There will be pages and pages of discount perfumes, cheap perfumes, cheap designer perfumes and perfume outlets that offer 100% genuine perfumes at low prices. This is definitely one place that you should start your perfume hunt from. With their vast selection from every place in the world you are bound to find a great perfume treasure.

As perfume mania seems to be gripping the world you can find great bargains on good quality but inexpensive perfumes to give your friends, your family, your loved ones, and of course to give yourself. These places that have exploded with lots of perfumes for you to try are places that you should keep in mind because when they need to start stocking up for their new year, perfume mania will grip the whole place.

Sunflower Perfume

Sunflower perfume is a gorgeous scent from Elizabeth Arden. This beautiful perfume makes us think of summer when we apply this scent to our bodies. There are many places where you can get Sunflower perfume. You can give this perfume as a gift to a friend or even keep it for yourself.

This perfume usually comes in packages. Sometimes you can get very lucky and buy a gift set that has an Eau de Toilette spray, Body lotion, Soothing Bath salts and a hydrating cream cleanser. All of these fragrance products come with the same soothing smell as the Sunflower perfume.

This perfume by Elizabeth Arden gives us a breath of fresh air and we think of summer whenever we take this perfume out. Sunflower was released by the Arden company in1993. There are many people who have different reactions towards Sunflower perfume. While its top fruity notes of Melon, Peach blend with fragrant Jasmine and Tea Rose, the base oils of Sandalwood and Oak Moss give this Sunflower perfume its lingering quality.

As Sunflower perfume is a casual perfume you can wear it anywhere that you want to feel relaxed and free. On the off chance that you are not able to get the real deal there are always the imitation type of perfumes that you can buy. Even though these don't have the same uplifting quality they can still give you an almost identical scent to the original.

While perfume companies keep their perfume recipes a closely guarded secret you can find hints of vanilla, musk, tea moss, amber and other perfume oils in the mix. Some of these perfume companies will try to entice you to buy their product by using almost all of the original ingredients but they will give their personalized twists that mark these Sunflower perfume types as being imitations.

There are some perfume making companies where you can buy perfume oils that have many of the same ingredients as the Sunflower perfume. These oils are used in a variety of ways and products. These oils can give your body soaps, shampoos and room deodorizers a breath of summer outdoors. When you apply these Sunflower perfume based items you are sure to think of great fruits and summer fun.

Sunflower perfume by Elizabeth Arden is truly a perfume to be worn when you are in a relaxed mood. With this perfume you are showing off your confidence and you are filled with a zest for life. Sunflower perfume is sure to brighten your day as its fresh scent gives you a nice pick me up.

How to Make Perfume

With perfumes seemingly getting more expensive by the bottle, it’s not surprising that many people are turning to making the stuff at home. Consider that your favorite designer perfume or cologne can run over 100 dollars, and that will probably be enough to convince you to at least contemplate the possibilities of producing your own unique scent. The process isn’t as daunting as you might think: here’s a quick primer on what it takes to make perfume yourself.

1. First, you have to understand exactly what goes into each batch of high-quality perfume. Though these measurements aren’t exact, they give you a basic idea of what is necessary. Here’s the formula: approximately 25% essential oil, 70% grain alcohol (think vodka), and 5% bottled spring water. Essential oil is usually found in health stores, or alternatively, in craft stores.

2. Some experimentation is needed to produce the scent that appeals most to you. The most important factor that will determine what your perfume smells like is the choice of essential oil. A well stocked store will have a variety of options, so choose a couple of bottles that sound and smell appealing, and make that your base. Mix ¼ cup of your grain alcohol with approximately 5 drops of the essential oil, and set the mixture aside. The longer you wait, the more powerful your perfume will be. That said, make sure you wait at least 2 days if you’re looking for something that won’t smell like straight alcohol.

3. Now that you’ve made your first simple batch of perfume, you’re ready to start combining scents to make your own signature perfume. This is where the process becomes individualized, and where you’ll have the chance to showcase your creative and imaginative prowess.

4. Understand the basic chemistry behind creating fragrances. Base notes are the compounds that will stay on your skin for the longest. These oils include common scents such as sandalwood, vanilla, and cinnamon. Next come middle notes, a group that includes geranium, ylang-ylang, and lemongrass. Finally, top notes add a powerful punch to the fragrance, but don’t last quite as long as the other two kinds of notes. These top notes include jasmine, rose, and lavender, among many others.

What Types Of Aromatherapy Perfume Are There And What Scents Are Most Popular?

When looking at the various types of aromatherapy perfume, there is a lot you will want to take into consideration. You want to find a perfume that offers much more than just a pleasant aroma. In addition, you want to find something that provides specific effects based on aromatherapy. With the proper research, you will be able to find the perfect perfume essential oil for you.

There are a number of effects you can get from a simple aromatherapy fragrance. It can awaken hidden sensuality, inspire confidence, relieve stress or anxiety, and increase overall creativity. This is something you will not get from your basic perfume.

There are boutique perfumes that focus on creating safe, gentle and radiant scents. They are free of alcohol, paraffin, chemicals and phthalates. Regular synthetic perfume can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and a runny nose. With a boutique perfume, you will not have to worry about any of these side effects.

Another kind of organic perfume is botanical perfume oil, which is made up of essential oils, attars, absolutes and CO2s. These are then blended into a base of unrefined golden jojoba oil. What many people do not realize is that you do not want to put pure essential oils directly on your skin.

Jojoba oil is perfect for your skin as it benefits your health while giving you an amazing scent. It is stable, has minimal odor and will help soften your skin all at the same time. This is the perfect alternative to a pure essential oil that can actually cause more harm than good.

As you shop for aromatherapy perfume, you are going to find a plethora of options to choose from. Just like any other perfume you would find at a department store, there is a wide range of scents, brands and products to choose from. Although it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decipher one from the next, it is always nice to have options.

There are several different ingredients and essential oils that may be included in your aromatherapy lotion or perfume. Some of the ingredients you may find include lime, grapefruit, rosewood, organic lavender, sandalwood and cedarwood to name a few.

Aromatherapy perfume can do wonders for you. Unlike your typical perfume, this kind of perfume will provide tremendous health benefits while still giving you a positive scent. With a blend of several different kinds of essential oils, take the time to find the right essential oils perfume for you.

Obscure French Perfume Companies and their Perfumes

In this guide I have listed several different obscure or little known early French perfume companies and the vintage perfumes they produced. I have also included some Spanish, German and Italian companies. Many of these companies were shortlived or only created one perfume. Some companies will be found here as there isn't enough info to warrant their own guide. Information is very scant on these companies. Any extraneous information will be appreciated and will be added.

Erizma, established in 1885 by J. Bijon and created rare luxury presentations. They also were exporters to the far East:

  • 1890 Christiane
  • 1900 Fleur d’avril
  • 1900 Savon a la Heliotrope
  • 1900 Savon aux Violettes
  • 1900 Savon Fleurs d’avril
  • 1900 savon extra fin
  • 1910 Djita
  • Aube Naissante

Guyla, established in 1926 at 40 rue de Paris, Epinay-sur-Seine, they made exceptional rare presentations:

  • 1926 Caresse Parisienne
  • 1926 Divin Narcisse

Oviatt, department store in Los Angeles, California. the Oviatte Building was completed in 1927, and had Lalique glass panels:

  • 1928 Le Parfum des Anges

Felix Boissard, a British-French company, established around 1900 by John-Ernest Jewel, (a probable predecessor in France was Pennes Fils et Broissard). Affiliated to and represented by Heppels Ltd :

  • 1913 Silva
  • 1919 Madelon

Nice-Flore, established in 1919 at 54 route du Var, Nice, France, by Union Francaise de Parfumerie et de Maroquinerie, they sold leather goods and perfumes, some presentations used bottles by Maurice Depinoix:

  • 1919 Brin de Reve
  • 1919 Chypre
  • 1923 Divine Chanson
  • 1923 Tout l'Azur
  • 1924 Jasmin
  • 1925 Ambre

Pierre Dune, established in 1939 at 49 rue de Prony, Paris by Edmond Rosens, the first five perfumes were presented as potted plants in a flower cart:

  • 1939 Evocation de Rose
  • 1940 Sequoia
  • Armorial (launch date unknown)
  • Infini (launch date unknown)
  • Vous Seule (launch date unknown)
  • 1945 Pres du Coeur
  • 1947 Privilege
  • 1947 Clef du Paradis

Maurice Bertrand Carrere of Paris France,established in 1945 at 45 rue Pierre-Charron, Paris, very shortlived company:

  • 1945 Signature
  • 1945 Vent Fou

Les Parfums de Mistinguett:

  • 1921 La Rose de Mistinguett
  • 1924 Gri Gri d'Amour

Monna Vanna, established in 1920 in Britain, then moved to at 120-122 rue Borghese, Neuilly (Seine) France. The name was adopted from the title of the play by Maeterlinck. They produced luxurious presentations. :

  • 1914 Mademoiselle
  • 1919 Lilas D'Or
  • 1919 L'Oiseau Bleue
  • 1919 Magnatic
  • 1919 Pavlova

A. Bertelli (of 26 via Paolo Frisi, Milan Italy), produced pharmaceuticals. Their luxurious presentations were produced in France:

  • 1900 Gran Parfum
  • 1908 Venus
  • 1912 Acacia
  • 1919 Antigringina
  • 1920 Fiori di Campo
  • 1922 Rose Bertelli
  • 1925 Ars
  • 1925 A Toi

Mori of Paris France:

  • 1924 Gardenia
  • 1932 Reve d'Amour

Ramey, established in 1913 at 332 rue Saint-Honore, Paris by Georges Herman as Laboratoires des Produits Radiaces:

  • 1927 Nuit de Stamboul
  • 1920s Minuit

De Luzy, established in 1917 at 5 rue Ybry, Neuilly (Seine), by Progalia SA :

  • 1919 Le Chypre de Luzy
  • 1919 Pourpre Antique or Poyrpre Antique
  • 1920 Le Feu
  • 1925 Frais Jardin

Biette, established in 1892 by Alexis Biette. They had branches in major cites in Europe, Africa and the USA. The produced spectacular soap sets, often humorous. They started introducing superb perfume presentations in the 1920s:

  • 1923 Teindefleur
  • 1926 Pour Ma Mie
  • 1926 Bel Ete
  • 1927 Naciris

Fracy of Paris France, established in 1922. They produced novelty perfumes as well as luxurious Viard presentations:

  • 1922 Silhouette
  • 1922 Fracy
  • 1922 Silvette
  • 1924 Charmeuse
  • 1924 Jasmin Passionata
  • 1924 Rose Jolie
  • 1925 Apine Patine
  • 1930 Bagatelle

Pelissier-Aragon,Les Fontaines Parfums Grasse. Established by E. Alziary, became Alziary Fils in 1850, became Alziary et Barbe in 1863 and then Pelissier-Aragon in 1887 until 1924 when Emile-Andre Pelissier coined the appealing trade name "Les Fontaines Parfumees Grasse":

  • 1918 Bouquet de Chypre
  • 1930 Origan

Lydes of 29 rue Auguste Bailly, Courbevoie (Seine) France, established in 1918 by Eugene Philippe Rodier. Their most successful perfume was their first, Ambre des Pagodes, which interestingly did not bear the name Lydes. The company became well known practically overnight and exported their luxurious presentations worldwide:

  • 1919 L'Ambre des Pagodes
  • 1922 Narcisse
  • 1923 Les Jasmins de Lydes
  • 1925 Diamant Noir
  • 1925 L'Heure du Baiser
  • 1927 Bibelot
  • 1928 Dans la Chevelure
  • 1928 La Fleur du Lac
  • 1920s Arabian Passion

Ysiane of 38 rue d'Enghien,Paris France. Established around 1925 and although the company was shortlived, they managed to produce some charming presentations. They were affiliated to La Diaphane:

  • 1925 Saturnale
  • 1926 le collier de perles

Delyna of 21 rue de la Breche-aux-Loups,Paris France. Established in 1925 by Maxime Patraud. acquired in 1945 by Cuban perfumer Bienvenido Fernandez:

  • 1927 Sensation
  • 1927 Nuit Romantique

Jacques Heim. Couture house of Isidore & Jeanne Heim established a fur business in 1898, their son Jacques introduce day and evening wear in the 1920s and sold perfumes to their clients in 1930 and introduced them to the public around 1945:

  • 1935 Alambic
  • 1945 J'aime
  • 1953 Ariane

Paquin of Paris France, couture house of Jeanne Paquin, introduced perfumes and cosmetics in 1939 and the house closed in 1962:

  • 1939 9 X 9
  • 1939 Habit Rouge
  • 1939 Ever After
  • 1945 Espoir
  • 1949 No. 9

Fragonard of Paris France, established in 1782 and known then as P. Mottet et Cie and Cresp. Martinenq. The company went bankrupt in 1914 and was acquired by Eugene Fuchs, who introduced interesting presentations in the 1920s an dinto the 1940s:

  • 1921 Chale Indien
  • 1929 Xmas'E
  • 1933 Belle de Nuit
  • 1935 Evernia
  • 1935 Pur Hasard
  • 1935 Zizanie
  • 1942 Lancry
  • 1946 Source Bleue
  • 1947 Moment Vole

Rochambeau of New York City & Paris, a Franco-American company established in 1923 by Xavier Rochambeau and Robert Coudert de Saint-Chament. They specialized in French made medium and low priced novelty perfumes, very small and toy like, thin, blown glass bottles for export to the USA. Some of their perfume bottles are tiny glass balls in the shape of grape bunches or little square dice. They were affiliated to La Gourde du Poete, whose style is similar:

  • 1923 Clochettes Parfumees
  • 1925 La Pipe Alsacienne
  • 1925 Jasmine
  • 1920s Fleurs Modernes
  • 1920s Gourde de Poete
  • 1920s Mon Ideal
  • 1920s Mimosa
  • 1920s Jasmine

Lerys of Paris France, established in 1921 by Leon Bellon, produced luxurious presentations:

  • 1922 Belle Jolie
  • 1924 Or Brunie
  • 1926 Le Presentoir
  • 1926 Happy Days
  • 1927 Chypre
  • 1927 Pour Blonde
  • 1927 Pour Brune
  • 1928 Lucidite

Doeuillet-Doucet of Paris France, couture house formed y merger of Doeillet and Doucet in 1929 and the company closed in 1932:

  • 1929 Mareva

Jaspy of Paris, established around 1919 and subtitled "Parfums Modernes et Originaux" :

  • 1921 Buisson Fleuri
  • 1921 Kadoura
  • 1921 Muscadin
  • 1921 Myrodata
  • 1921 Rose de Chemin
  • 1922 Le P'tit Chose
  • 1924 Jasmin
  • 1924 Latulipe Noire


  • 1920 Un Chypre Inconnu
  • 1920 Un Muguet des Bois


  • 1923 Eros
  • 1926 Lune de Miel

Charles Fay, established in 1850 by Charles fay and called Maison Fay. They were best known for their powder Veloutine, and therefore changed their name to Parfumere Veloutine. They won a gold medal at the 1900 Exposition:

  • 1920 Parfum Les Trois Muses, La Danse
  • 1936 Absolute Essense of Gardenia

Marques de Elorza of Paris France, established in 1926 by Avran Moscivici, produced luxurious presentations in the 1920s, then after 1930, perfumes of lesser quality were produced:

  • 1920 Argentina
  • 1929 Bleu Blanc
  • 1929 Legion d'Honneur
  • 1929 Maitresse
  • 1929 Marche Nuptiale
  • 1929 Valencia
  • 1951 Aperitiff
  • 1951 Spring Madness
  • 1951 Taj Mahal
  • 1951 White Enchantment
  • 1955 Ming Jade

Parfums Loulette:

  • 1925 Mimosa
  • 1919 Femme Divine

Bryenne of Paris France, established in 1911 by Jacques Brach:

  • 1911 Heure Exquise
  • 1918 Chu Chin Chow
  • 1920 Le Lilas
  • 1927 Mabrouka
  • 1927 Sentimental
  • 1927 Ambre Persian
  • 1929 Brenny

Dorin, established in 1780 as a small cosmetics shop specializing in theatrical makeup, by famous actress Mademoiselle Montansier. Company was bought and sold several times and fell into the hands of JM Dorin in 1817. They exported world wide and won the gold medal in 1900:

  • 1870 Poudre Grasse (face powder)
  • 1910 Cloches de Mai

Gal of Madrid Spain, established in 1900 and produced many luxury presentations and cosmetics:

  • 1912 Heno de Pravia
  • 1913 Dens
  • 1917 Flores de Talavera
  • 1917 Agua de Colonia Aneja
  • 1920 Imperial Toledo
  • 1923 Jardines de Espana
  • 1924 Alma
  • 1924 Pravia Hay
  • 1924 Talavera Flowers
  • 1925 Aromas del Pais
  • 1930 Granada Mia
  • 1948 Marisol

Moiret of Paris, made perfumes during the 1920s:

  • 1925 Beaucaire
  • 1920s Circe
  • Le Prestige

JG Mouson & Co (of Frankfurt Germany):

  • 1798 Mouson ,reintroduced in 1954
  • 1921 Tai-Tai
  • 1925 Antiqua
  • 1930 Maronquin
  • 1935 Mit der Postkusche
  • 1940 A Tout

Claire of Paris France, elegant Paris shop specializing in luxury fashions and perfumes, established in 1924 by Rodney Wanamaker (a mamber of the founding family of John Wanamaker, department stores in the USA):

  • 1923 Le Beau Narcisse
  • 1927 Memorie
  • 1928 Fascination
  • 1929 Numero II
  • 1932 Oree

Mme A. Girard et Cie of London, small prestigious company established in the late 19th century:

  • 1890 Violette de Parme
  • 1900 Trefle
  • 1914 Mandragore

Jean Giraud Fils, established in 1853 as Giraud Freres, later known as J. Giraud Fils, acquired by various essential oils producers in Grasse, such as Honore-Joseph Sozio in 1900. They had large exports to South America:

  • 1922 Bouquet Royale
  • 1922 Dans la Nues
  • 1922 Fleur de Jasmin
  • 1922 Fleur de Rose
  • 1922 Japtis
  • 1922 Parfum Reve
  • 1922 Lysmina
  • 1922 Mariana
  • 1922 Odorantis
  • 1922 Mysteriose
  • 1922 L'Oeillet
  • 1923 Maflor
  • 1927 Odorantis

Nissery of Asnieres, (Seine) France, established in 1921 by Jules-Joanin-Anatole Muraour. The company was affiliated to Mury. They produced elegant presentations:

  • 1922 Le Cyclamen
  • 1925 Coeurs et Fleurs

Agnel of Paris France:

  • 1910 Mon Deux Pays
  • 1913 Dolly
  • 1920 Fete de Nuit
  • 1923 Myrianthis

Louis Avenel of Paris, established in 1900 and had major exports to Great Britain. Some of their presentations featured Viard bottles:

  • 1913 Thais
  • 1913 Gaby
  • 1920 que veux-tu?


  • 1928 Chypre
  • 1928 Muguet
  • 1928 Narcisse

Rodin of Paris, established in 1946 by Norman SARL:

  • 1946 Saree, (also sold as Saree by Norman)

A. Euziere of Grasse, France, established in 1887 as Societe Euziere et Seytre. Became henri Euziere et Cie in 1920, created some suberb presentations featuring Viard bottles:

  • 1911 Violette
  • 1924 Source Bleu
  • 1925 Atakor

Griet (of Buenos Aires,Argentina):

  • 1925 Locion Mirka
  • 1932 Chela
  • 1940 Nantes 18

Clamy of Paris France, established in 1913 by Philippe de Back as Les Parfums de Clamy, The presentations featured luxurious Gaillard bottles. The company was acquired by Grenoville in 1943.

  • 1913 Bleuet
  • 1913 Qui M'Aime?
  • 1927 Femme Ailees
  • 1928 Aire de Ailes
  • 1928 À Tire d ’Ailes
  • Audé Diapée

Coudray of Paris France, established in 1810 as a small cosmetics and perfume shop called Maugenet & Coudray. They became a major exporter during the 19th century and remained a family business until 1908 when Edouard Colmant acquired an interest. The company produced many luxury presentations:

  • 1919 Je Vous L'Offre
  • 1919 Le Trio
  • 1929 Reve de Paris
  • 1930 Charme de France
  • 1930 Onyx Noir

Maudy of Colombes (Seine) France, established in 1928 by Adrienne Foym affiliated to de Musset and produced luxury presentations:

  • 1927 Chere Petite Chose
  • 1928 Muguet

Drecoll, courture house in Paris,introduced perfumes in 1927 , then from 1929, sold perfumes under the Maggy Rouff name. Marcel Guerlain purchased Drecoll in 1944:

  • 1925 Tais-toi-mon Coeur

Plassard of Paris France, established in 1815 as Demarson, later Demarson et Cie. Demarson-Chetelat and Chetalat et Cie. The company exhibited regularly in 1819, 1839, 1844, 1849, 1855, 1867, and 1878, under the various names over the years. they were awarded many prizes at the exhibitions. Louis Plassad purchased the company in 1894 and renamed it L. Plassard. their most impressive presentations were before 1930, after 1930, their quality lessened:

  • 1911 Une Femme Passa
  • 1927 De Fleur En Fleur
  • 1928 Dyne
  • Avrilleé
  • Bagatelle

Marquis of Paris, active during the 1920s and produced toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as producing such items for other perfumers and under their own name, primarily for export:

  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1923 Niradjah

Saint Cyr of Paris France:

  • 1926 Homme de Paris
  • 1926 Love in Paris
  • 1926 Toujours Ou Amais
  • 1936 Fleches d'amour


  • 1948 L'ete
  • 1948 L'automne

Cadolle Freres of Paris France, established in 1889 as a corset shop in Buenos aires by Herminie Cadolle, opened Paris shop in 1910 as a family busines with fashionable clientele.Their perfumes were introduced in 1926:

  • 1926 Amour en Cage
  • 1926 Apres le Tennis
  • 1927 Le Bois Sauvage
  • 1927 Le No. 9
  • 1927 Reve d'Infante
  • 1929 Magicia
  • 1930 Bien Etre

Maggy Rouff, couture house established in 19th century, perfumes were introduced in 1927 and baccarat was a supplier of bottles. The company merged with Drecoll in 1929, the company was renamed Maggy Rouff in 1930 and Rouff perfumes were available until the 1940s:

  • 1949 Contact

Bruyere of Paris, couture house established in 1924 by Marie-Louise Bruyere and introduced perfumes around 1940:

  • 1941 Caractere

Feel free to email me for details or any questions. I also have a perfume identification and appraisal service here on ebay, click on my Me page for details. Check out the 200+ guides & reviews I have written on perfumes on ebay. If you have found this guide helpful, click YES below. Thanks!Good luck and have fun collecting!

I am always looking to add pictures of vintage perfumes to my guides, if you have a picture you would like to see included here, please contact me, credit will be given to the user ID for any picture submitted.

The Queen Of Jewellery And The Jewellery Of Queens

It is often said that beauty is incomplete without jewellery. And a woman’s beauty and poise is complemented with confidence by the gems she wears. Since ages, jewellery and gems have been trusted partners of women, enhancing their beauty from simplicity to enchantment. Even today, weddings and all occasions require a woman to be not only beautiful and confident, but also to be alluring enough with the choicest of jewellery products adorning her. And with the demand of quality jewellery being sky-high, the suppliers also had to be up to the task at hand.

In the contemporary scenario, some of the jewellery companies have succeeded in providing much better quality gems and jewellery, along with excellent services and after-sales feedback.. Prisha Jewels brings you some of the best quality gems and jewellery designs, sourced from different parts of the world, that include the best from the suppliers and designers in the global jewellery industry. The diversity in the jewellery designs and the collection of gems gives a plethora of options for the modern woman to beautify herself according to her choice and wish. With the huge catalogue of gems and jewellery designs with Prisha Jewels, you will only run out of ideas, and not options, to embellish your beauty with the help of ornaments.

At Prisha Jewels, you can opt from the conventional jewellery items or choose to have a more exquisite look with the help of a designer jewellery product. What is unique to Prisha Jewels is the fact that the products that are comfortably priced are not inferior in quality, a blunder that most jewellery companies make while compromising on the prices to please their prospective customers.

Understanding that the moods and tastes of women vary, Prisha Jewels has come up with a huge reserve of jewellery and gemstone products that lead in quality as well as quantity. From the slick and hip stainless steel jewellery to the elegant gold; from the cool silver ornaments to the awe-inspiring gemstone collection, Prisha Jewels has it all to impress one and all. One of its main features is the exquisite pearl collection, which will delight any potential customer. These elegant pieces of jewellery sourced from China will take your breath away at first sight! These pearl jewellery items, including various necklaces and bracelets and ear rings are perfect for a wedding day or an anniversary occasion. While the bride dresses in white, her elegance and charm is multiplied by the exquisite pearl jewellery from Prisha Jewels.

Along with the varied gem stones and ornaments, Prisha Jewels can be your best solutions in designer jewellery with glass and flowers. The specialties include Rose Buds, Orchid necklaces and others as well as stylish and charismatic glass amulets and bracelets. The whole range of ornaments at Prisha Jewels will keep you engaged. Even the authentic designer jewellery present in the stock will make the best jewellery stores go green with envy! Products such as the Ambrosia Necklace, Ferroni Spiral Necklace, Blue Millefiori Earrings and others simply outclass the ordinary jewellery that are present at rival stores and online sites.

Brand name perfume

Brand name perfume is of better quality, and the scent will stay true for a longer period of time. It is made with special oils and scents that last much longer than imitation brands. Brand name perfume has more quality ingredients, made with more care and sometimes takes years to create. It takes perfume companies years to create a new brand name perfume. All this is part of why a brand name perfume cost so much more than the imitation scent. There are people who specialize in making perfumes, and they may experiment for a long time before they come across a great combination. This is part of the reason why it costs more to the consumer.
For example, eau de toilette fragrances are made with stronger oils and will last much longer and have a more powerful scent even in small does. Cologne perfume fragrances have been created by the great design houses of Europe and America over the decades and new ones are formulated every year. Designers continually create new perfume formulas daily and add them to a roster that's already replete with hundreds of other designer fragrances. The difference in types of smells Personal preferences in fragrance Differences in price Perfume knowledge is perfume power.
Another secret great place to find brand name perfume is the Internet. If you are in the market for a quality brand name perfume, you might want to hop online. This is probably the best place to go if you're in the market for cologne, body spray or brand name perfume. With a little shopping savy and even some Internet research, you can find nearly any of yhese types of perfume at incredible discounts.
Do you know the difference between a brand name perfume and a drugstore fragrance. Your favorite brand name perfumes are often less money in drug store chains. Yes, pharmaceutical chain stores carry brand name perfumes. Look in their beauty sections. These stores often sell the most expensive, sought after perfumes at slashed discount prices. However, the best way to pick a brand name perfume or cologne that you like is to try them out at a local store.
Sometimes these department stores will have a special deal on a brand name perfume in order to get you to come in and try it. This could mean a discount on the perfume's price or a bonus gift like some free makeup. These deals get people to buy the brand name perfume instead of the imitation scents that flood the market. You can find it in most department stores that carry high-end perfumes. They can also be bought on auction sites like eBay, but the same warning applies even more strongly to these sources.

Perfume For The Bride

As well as looking beautiful, every bride needs to smell beautiful with an aroma that reflects the charm of her special day. After all, fragrance is romantic and sends a message of love's alchemy to those around her.

Aromatherapy, as a title, may have been invented in our time, but the idea of it is as old as the humankind. The Song of Solomon 4:11 says: Your lips drip honey, my bride. Honey and milk are under your tongue. The fragrance of your clothing is like the fragrance of Lebanon.

In the Old Testament, nard is named as the symbol of a bride's love. Horace offered to send Virgil a whole barrel of his best wine in exchange for a phial of nard oil for its legendary aroma. Nard is a plant from the Himalayan foothills, and from its roots, fragrant oils are extracted. It is named Jatamansi in Sanskrit.

The ancient Egyptians, also, were extremely fond of perfumes, and they produced expensive perfumes meant for the elite class, believing that Gods loved their smell. Egyptians went to great lengths to make their perfumes last for decades and even centuries. Accordingly, perfumes came into use in all ceremonies, including the wedding ceremony for bringing the favor of the gods on the couple.

The scent of almond oil and the fragrant almond blossoms made the Roman bride beam. After the wedding, the Romans showered the couple with almonds to promote fertility.

Rose Water, first distilled in the ninth century in Arabia, had been the perfume of choice for the bride in the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. It is still used in isolated small towns in that area.

The fair maidens of the Elizabethan period romanticized the herbs like lavender, thyme, sage, and rosemary, as the bride's headdress. The brides also carried the herbs like the bridal bouquet in their hands. Afterwards, in the Victorian era, flowers replaced the herbs, and the brides took a liking to the scents of flowers.

In India and its surrounding countries, brides may still use incense on their clothes, and during the wedding ceremony, incense is offered abundantly to the bride and the wedding guests. Basic ingredients of incense are rose water, aloe, henna, sandalwood and ambergris.

A wedding is an emotional experience especially for the bride. Since fragrances seem to affect people's moods, the perfume of the bride has to enhance her delight and enjoyment of the wedding day. Even if her perfume does not secure perfection for her life, it can treat her stress and smooth her way through the wedding ceremony. This must be one of the reasons the prince of Monaco had a special perfume made for his bride, Grace Kelly, to wear on their wedding day.

Some perfume companies, too, create signature scents for each bride now, while others use totally organic means to make their perfumes. The bride's perfume, however, need not be expensive, but it has to fit her personality and the theme of the ceremony.

A few weeks before the wedding date, provided that the bride and the people in the wedding party are not allergic to perfume, the bride should select a fragrance suitable to her liking and to the occasion. The bride's perfume should agree with the smell of the flowers and the scented candles if they are being used as decorations. If the bride is carrying a bouquet of roses, her perfume may have a hint of the scent of roses. If her bouquet is of mixed flowers, this can be accentuated with a light flowery scent.

The idea of a special fragrance for the wedding day is an adventure, since the scent of the bride will express many aspects of her personality. The perfume for the bride, therefore, is another momentous issue for the wedding day.

Bvlgari Perfume

Bvlgari Perfume

Bvlgari Perfume for Women

Bvlgari perfume for women, made by Bvlgari, was launched in 1994. This fragrance for women contains a blend of jasmine, rose, bergamot, citrus, tuberose, hesperidic and musk. This women's fragrance is recommended for daytime wear.

Light Blue Perfume

Light Blue Perfume

Light Blue Perfume for Women

Light Blue perfume for women, made by Dolce & Gabbana, was launched in 2001. This fragrance for women contains a blend of rose, apple, musk and jasmine. This women's fragrance is recommended for daytime wear.

Juicy Couture Perfume

Juicy Couture Perfum

Juicy Couture Perfume for Women

Juicy Couture Perfume is a fresh new fragrance that has been popular with women since it hit the market in 2006. This perfume blends the fragrances of aromatic juices such as watermelon, passion fruit, mandarin and apple along with woodsy fragrances, tuberose and patchouli for an exotic, yet light and refreshing fragrance that can be worn both at night and during the day. Juicy Couture fragrance comes in pure perfume, eau de parfum spray, mists, gels, creams, scrubs and even a body sorbet. This is a fragrance that appeals to women of all ages who like the fresh, sweet scent that is combined with a bit of woodsy mystery.

Becoming a "Nose" For Discount Perfume Companies

Are you a perfume aficionado? Do you have a talent for chemistry and biology? If so, you may want to make money as a 'nose' for discount perfume companies. With this job, you will make good money while having a lot of fun. Plus, there's the potential to launch your own brand of discount perfumes.

So, how does a person get started as a nose? First, you need to live and breathe fragrances. You must have a passion for all perfume brands, ranging from discount perfume to designer brands that cost thousands of dollars. You should also be familiar with the names of great noses, such as Chanel, Jean-Paul Guerlain and Jacques Cavalier. By knowing their histories, you might receive inspiration for the next ground-breaking fragrance.

Next, you will need some education. You will want to major in chemistry while minoring in botany. The latter will help you become better acquainted with the types of plants you should use for the next discount perfume you'll be creating.

Finally, you will need experience. This is where things get tricky, since most fragrance houses won't want to work with entry-level noses. That's why you should consider getting an internship, even if you have to work for free.

If a perfume company likes you, they will hire you as a lab technician. With this job, you will learn the ins and outs of creating fragrances, whether it's coming up with something completely original or creating an imitation fragrance, (which is often the case for discount perfume companies).

As you are working your way up the corporate ladder, you may want to make money marketing your own fragrance. Just make sure that anything you create is completely separate from what you make with your employer. Otherwise, you could encounter serious legal trouble. Remember, unless stated otherwise, the perfumes you create for your employer becomes their property, not yours.

Why Can A Perfume Be the Perfect Gift?

How do you give a gift to the most important person in your life? What to choose in order to surprise and charm the one you love?
These are really difficult questions that even people knowing each other for decades still ask themselves.

The perfect gift should be something that would be able to reach the senses, the soul and the mind of your loved one all at the same time. Considering the fact that all gifts are material, it’s really hard to find that one thing that can make you live a unique experience by exalting all your senses.

Perfume is for sure that one thing that can offer this kind of unique experience of senses. They say that our eyes represent the mirror of our soul – the image of the world that surrounds us. Our nose helps us feel the fragrances of the world, breathing it inside your body, allowing you to taste it. A fragrance can open the chest of memories and make you live different feelings, sensations you had all over your life: ever since you were a baby, a teenager in love with some girl or the perfume of the flowers on your wedding day.

A fragrance can communicate much more than just a simple material object as it can easily call forth joy, happiness, gladness without saying even a word.

Gifts should not be just some normal things you buy with money and offer to someone, but something that can offer a beautiful experience to that special someone and that can create a connection.

However, you have to pick really carefully the perfume you want to offer, if you want to induce that experience of senses. Only high quality perfumes, created with both artistic and scientific knowledge have that special power of exalting senses.

A high quality perfume can be the perfect gift for your loved one, whether it's a young couple or a long term relationship. In case of a young couple, perfume can induce a lot of sex appeal, the passion that both partners share. Committed couples often get each other non-romantic gifts like socks, toasters. That’s why a quality perfume can help re-invent the flame of love. Perfume means seduction, passion, romance and that’s why it can surprise anyone.

You have to be always careful when choosing a perfume as only high quality ones have that unique features that can surprise anyone’s senses. Always think about what your gift will communicate to your loved one. Only after doing that you can choose the right perfume, as each fragrance says different things than all the others.

Perfumes express a lot of things. You only have to choose the right one.

Perfume around the world.

Perfume around the world.

Perfume is used all over the world, we are in a time where we all need to smell nice all the time, and when people smell bad we look funny at them and pull funny faces behind their backs. The same goes for people who dress differently. It is a fact when out of town people go into a small town they can be spotted at once. This is not because of the way they smell, it is because of the way they dress. Most of the time people in small towns have the same dress sense, and when they get a visitor from another town, they will know that they do belong there. Now this final smell can be either one of two things, nice or not nice. So what you want to do is the above, let the perfume stay n your skin for about five minutes before you decide to purchase it. Also, when you are testing different types of perfumes, make sure not to get them mixed on your skin, because they will give an entirely different smell all together. Unless that is what you are going for and you want to make a new smell out of two different perfumes.

In the old days, and we mean way back when men uses to hit woman over the head with their clubs and drag them into caves, there was no such thing as deodorant. There was no such thing as perfume or soap pr anything that smells nice and keeps you clean. So as time went by, men stopped hitting their wives over the heads, and started wearing deodorant. These days we know that there are literally hundreds of different brands of deodorants and perfumes and apart from that; there are hundreds of different types of deodorants under the different brands.

The great thing about perfume is that you really can't tell where the person comes from; you can only tell that they like to smell good. We should all know that perfume is made of a combination of chemicals and essential oils, which are made from natural flowers and things like that. We should also know that when we go travelling that we should take in bulk of our favorite perfume or deodorant. Yes, all countries have the same name brands of perfume and deodorant, they have the same flavors and all of that, but sometimes they do not have the same thing. They will have the same name brands, but the brand might make different flavors of the perfume you are so used to using, so your favorite must be packed before you go.

The great thing about perfume is that you really can't tell where the person comes from; you can only tell that they like to smell good. The thing is that these companies have a concentrate of their formula, they will send out the formula to other countries and their branches over there will add in the other ingredients to the concentrate, which will make it smell a bit different in each country, which is only logical.

Perfume Online

Perfume Online

When you have no choice but to get your perfume online, how do you make sure you are getting the cheapest, best option? How do you know that the perfume will be of excellent quality? Well, this is very difficult to do online, because the best way to check if a cheap perfume or wholesale perfume is excellent is to test it yourself. No one else can really test it for you because your unique make up and skin type will affect how it smells on you and how long it lasts for.

Buying online is therefore very tricky and there is no way that you can send it back after you have opened and used it. This means that you will have to look at various other factors that will determine whether the perfume you are getting is of excellent quality or not. The first and most obvious way is trial and error. Just buy a cheap perfume and try it out. If it is cheap enough you might not mind throwing some of it away, if it turns out to very really bad.

The next way you can find out if a perfume is good, is to look at the make of perfume and length of time the company has been in business for. Look for long term customers and commitment to offering customer satisfaction. If there are any complaint pages, read them. You can narrow down your search quite a lot by doing this. Shop for a wholesale perfume and refrain from using online shopping portals and other sites where there are lots of different perfume makes because you won't find it very helpful. Find the actual brand website and use that instead.

Take into consideration that the more expensive a perfume is, the better quality it is and try to find the middle range brands if you are not sure about wasting money on a perfume that might turn out to be horrible. Spend a little bit more money on a cheap perfume to have a possibly better product.

Another great way to get cheap perfumes online and not waste a lot of money is to find sites that offer free samples of products for you to test out then you can be totally sure about buying a bigger product. If the site you are interested in does not provide a sample, try to find the smallest size product you can so that you will not have wasted too much money if it turns out to be of poor quality.

These are just some of the tips you can think about when shopping for a wholesale perfume or any cheap perfume online. There are lots of places and companies that will sell you products that don't work or that are fakes, so be sure that you get the best quality possible by just taking the time to do a little extra research and find the most reputable online stores and better known name brands that have been in business for a couple of years.

Secrets of buying best Perfume for Men

Secrets of buying best Perfume for Men

There are varieties of perfumes in the market manufactured by different companies and it is very difficult to choose the perfume that suits to your personality perfectly. You will also come across the types of the fragrance in the perfume purchasing like sweet, exotic and spicy. You should know that all these types of fragrance are used by men in different occasions. Before buying any type of perfume, men usually ask question of what is the use of perfume for men.

Many experts believe that perfumes add an aroma in the personality of the man and mould the outlook of the appearance in new dimension. You can attract any women in first glance if you are well dressed with best choice of perfume for men. Before buying, you visit different websites that are selling perfumes products online. Try to read the reviews about the different perfume products and feedback of the customers. All these details help you to make a precise judgment about the quality of the perfume for men and you are able to know the name of the top ranked firm from where you can easily buy the best perfume for men.

Perfume is considered an essential part of the body accessories for men. You need to be carful in the choice of the perfume for men. It should be based on the social stratum of the man. Sometimes many men prefer to use perfume brands manufactured by well known firms but these products do not suit to their personalities. There is no use of wearing such type of perfume as it just wastes your money. Today buying a perfume is just like buying clothes for men because the choices of the perfect perfume for men enhance the attraction toward opposite sex.

The wise choice of the perfume for men depends on the chemistry of the body and the budget. Some firms supply samples to the customers to buy the best perfume products. Perfumes help you to set your mood toward romance. At the time of midnight dinner, you do not only need candles to invoke the feelings of romance but perfumes also play a vital role to attract your women easily to understand your hot love.

You can enjoy the most pleasurable movements of life if you know the art of buying best perfume for men. If you do not have any idea of buying best perfume for men, you can get the assistance of the shopkeeper from where you are buying perfume. You clearly explain to him the occasion for which you are buying a perfume. All these tips help you to get the right perfume for men.

Buyers guide to Perfume

Buyers guide to Perfume

Perfume has been a definite part of everyday wear, but the fact remains that not everyone can afford to buy designer or high quality perfume. This is why discount perfumes have grown in popularity because bargains allow everyone to experience the perfume of their liking at much less of the original price. There are many places to buy discount perfume. For one, lots of online companies that sell discount perfume. Perfume sold through the Internet is often cheaper than those sold in stores because there are less overhead expenses incurred. In addition, online companies often buy in bulk and hence are able to sell the perfume in much less of the price. Mall shops and perfume stores also offer discount perfumes during sales, promos, or anniversaries. Last year's trendy perfumes can be bought at much less and this year's hot perfumes can be bought at smaller packages or incorporated with other products. If you're really passionate about getting discount perfume then it's always good to be aware of such promos to make sure you are always ahead in line. Did you know that you can take advantage of discount perfumes? Not just for your own use, but for you to make some money as well. For one, you can buy them in bulk yourself and sell for half the price. You just have to market them really well and the sales will come pouring in. Another option is to make discount perfume yourself! Why bother scouting for good bulk perfume deals when you can go ahead and make inexpensive quality perfume at the comfort of your own home? The first steps include researching on how others are doing it, identifying different scents, and deciding which direction you want to lead into. Once you've determined the particular scent or scents you want to make, know the different kind of ingredients you're going to need. Usually the most essential components are the essential oils, pure grain oil, and water. You also have to think of the name of your perfume or line so you can immediately plan on how you're going to market it. Marketing is vital because in many cases that's the main difference of perfumes that become a hit and perfumes that don't. Think of a catchy name and marketing concept that will stick to people's minds. Observe how the most popular perfumes and perfume lines are marketed. Do they cater to girls or men? Do they emphasize romance, confidence, or being clean? Remember that a big part of the marketing is also the outside appearance of the perfume. You need to consider the bottles you will use, the labels, and the printing. Consider the extra touches you feel will help. For example, do you visualize some ribbons for the girls' perfume? Don't overlook the little details as these can all contribute to the success of your venture. It is greatly recommended for you to read a lot of books and research a lot on the Web before you embark on your perfume venture to make sure you smell the sweet scent of success.

Beautiful Perfumes Discount for Beautiful People

Beautiful Perfumes Discount for Beautiful People

When you feel like doing something special for you signefigant other,One thing will always make her happy. Abottle of good qality perfume is always apprecaited and will last a long time. Wait you say, Doesn't quality perfume cost a fortune. You may be suprised to know you can purchase high quality discount perfume easily.

Let's look at a few options:

* As with anything you can find perfume that is considered to be "seconds". This just means there may be something wrong with the packaging and it is not up to the high standerds of the manufacturer. Sometimes this slips buy the quality control of the manufacturer and they allow the retailer to sell at a better price.

* Many fragerances do not sell well. This could be the region of the country or many other factors. In order to make room for a new fragerance the retailer will move these to the dicount perfume rack. The quality is still good but now they are more affordable.

* Some perfumes target certain seasons and have to be sold in anticipation of the coming new season be moved out of the approach of the new season. Some fragranses that are appropriate for the holiday season may not be what a women wants to wear at the beach in the summer.

* This idea is certainly not for everyone. If you are a women looking to get free perfume you could consider being a distributor for a group like Avon. Who knows you might even make some money along with free perfume.

* If having the exact scent of the perfume you are looking for is not critical you can but imitation scents at discount and dollar stores. These perfumes are often produced by small companies that copy the fragerance and pack them to look like designer perfumes. You can find these cheap perfumes by looking at the package for statements like "compare to" imitation perfumes generally do not smell exactly like the original, but for their price, it's a good deal.

You are open to many options when looking for discount perfume. It just takes a little looking.

Perfume Becomes the Reason For Discharge

Perfume Becomes the Reason For Discharge

The consequences of the economic crisis are sharply felt by female employees who are fired for their predilection for perfume. The point is that in a stressful environment people's sense of smell, especially those who have a lot of responsibility, is aggravated to the limit. Also, the reason for one in five dismissals is based on the personal distaste of the employee's boss.

Historical background
According to data from a German magazine called Junge Karriere, 38% of Germans consider the most irritating factor in the work place to be the smell emanating from their colleagues.
This issue is not only a relevant one for Germany. The numerous discussions of the theme on the Internet testify to this: "I was suffering for half a year from the strong aromas of our new female employee. Toward the end of the day my head was aching, and my fingers were all thumbs. It is a pity that I did not have the authority to apply administrative measures to this lady", - writes an employee of a Swiss company in his blog.
Actually, the smell of perfumes, even very expensive and high quality fragrance, can cause not only emotional discomfort, but also allergic reactions in the form of nausea, vertigo, or head cold. For this reason, in many companies fans of artificial aromas are fought against in the same way that smoking in the work place is fought against.

Prior to the beginning of world's economic hysteria this problem existed along with others. Chiefs tried not to advertise their personal dislike of a colleague who overused a fragrance and would officially credit that colleagues dismissal to entirely other reasons. Crisis has cleared the air. Now managers are not hesitating to declare that an employee's release is in connection with the fact that an employee, "has created uncomfortable (or conflicting) situation because of the excessive use of perfume."
Not so long ago in the Swedish city of Malmo, a collaborator of a shipping company was fired because she used toilet water with a too sweet, luscious aroma, which created in her boss a choking sensation. After a warning from management, she refused to change her eau de toilette. At first this case was the recipient of wide public attention, but interest in it abated after the appearance of a pair of similar situations.
An even better precedent has happened in the English city of Norfolk. Linda Gorman filed lawsuit against several colleagues at the same time and even against her own chief for the use of perfume in the work place.

Perfume Review: Dirty English (for men), Juicy Couture

Perfume Review: Dirty English (for men), Juicy Couture

Não é tão novo para nossos narizes e olhos a marca Juicy Couture desde que seu perfume feminino tornou-se líder de vendas, provavelmente pela indiscutível beleza de sua embalagem, pois é um perfume que em minha opinião olfativa não possui nada que o torne diferente, um aroma ralo e insosso com um suave cheiro de rosas e nada mais. A marca continua se enveredando por caminhos aromáticos tortuosos, mas infelizmente não é nada fácil se lançar à criação de um perfume conceito. De nada adianta ter um frasco de encher os olhos, quando o conteúdo não passa da banalidade costumeira.

Dirty English foi lançado em meados de 2008, o senti na época de seu lançamento, mas depois de amadurecer minhas impressões sobre ele, somente hoje me senti à vontade para expressar minha real opinião sobre o referido perfume. As notas de sua composição são extremamente interessantes e densas, por este motivo imaginei algo mais criativo no universo da perfumaria masculina. Laranjas, bergamotas, madeira de ágar, ebony, sândalo, vetiver e couro, notas que bem dosadas e trabalhadas em acordes e entonações diferentes poderiam ter dado um ótimo perfume para homens, mas o desenrolar dessa composição não acontece dessa maneira, pois ele não possui uma faceta se quer que nos faça desejá-lo como o futuro perfume a ser comprado.

Starting a perfume business

Starting a perfume business
If you are thinking to establish your own business, this article can catch your attention because in this article I am going to explain certain think that can make you get hike in market. yes I am going to talk about perfumes market in this articles ,you might have find that perfumes market is growing day by day and every people is getting there own perfumes brand form market. Really perfumes is the thing which is getting into each one house, it is becoming one of our day to day life required product. so if you looking to get into market and establish some status then you should start with the product which are most likely used by the people.
For establishing market you can go for two option ,either you can get you own online website or you can get your own store .for online store for perfumes you have to need to just order website developer for building your own site and within few days you would be having you own website of perfumes and after few days you will start getting order form your site to deliver perfumes .if you are looking for store ,then your market will be little small because you can just provide to service just people near to your store but in case of online you are dealing with whole world. you need to be very carefully in that case because there might be different kinds of people in world. Now the major problem is form where you will get perfumes in stock of different brands, so not to worry for that also, you can find many website online which provide services like business to business, you can go for that and order stocks of perfumes of different brands and then you can show them on your site and you can sell that to your client. Also you can find different companies offering such offer to take product in stocks and they also expand there business so you can get benefited by that. While in the case of store you have to get in touch with bigger shop and get product or perfumes in stock and by that you can attract your client.
This think I would like to tell you is the only man who know this sentence very well can get success in any field, is customer is god, for dealers of shopkeepers customer is god. They should any how many there customer happy, because this is the chain cycle of business .if they will like you perfumes, they will tell to others and other will come to purchase that. And you indirectly you business will grow.
I hope these articles might have helped you knowing the strategies behind the business development. How you can find the market and get into that and get hike in your business .so I suggest perfumes market in growing day by day, regulary you might be seeing ads in TV or newspaper of different brands perfumes, there is lot of competition in market of perfumes.

FACTS BOUT REJECTS...not all rejects r done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale..

FACTS BOUT REJECTS...not all rejects r done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale..After shipping reject ==> after shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products..this type of reject mostly only effect for the packing (box) but not the bottle..so they will be return to the warehouse...cos ppl won't buy any defect items at the counters..customers only demand for the perfect item even wif the box..that's y most of my products hv no boxes cos they r damaged...Factory reject ==> it would be impossible to produce products wihout reject..most company (factory) only achive 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected..e.g 99.8%x1000000 = 998000 bottle..the rest is rejected (2000 bottle)..why they r rejected? maybe scratches, wrong branding, or etc..these rejects r not thrown away..they hv their own vendor for disposal..hv u guys went to jln pasar? did u found electronic devices there? they r not fake item but same way wif the perfumes..rejects.. - for ur guys info..there r many manufacturer for a brand of perfume..e.g el pleasure..if u guys hv some time just go and find out at the counters..u will see some r made in switzeland and uk...let say 2000 bottles from uk and 2000 bottles from swis r rejected...it will be enuff for ppl like us to trade them...u may also compare perfumes wif other products, adidas shirt..last time they r made in us..but lately u will see they r made in indon, china, tahiland, even malaysia..perfumes r also manufactured in many countries.. - more example..hv u guys went to carrefour wangsa maju? If not u may try to go there..u will find a levis booth...all r original levis which had been rejected..r they fake? no, they r ori..ppl hv no doubt at all..but it had been sold wif lower price as they r rejected..Expiry ==> after quite some times pefumes also will expired..let say for 1 batch is valid for 8 month..if it won't be cleared it wll be return to where it came from..(hv u guys seen gardinea ppl took back the expired buns? (same way wif the perfumes)..then manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand..but the different is perfumes is still in good condition even after the date line unlike buns which will hv fungus grows on it..it only expired base on spec cos they r not updated..another example r tyres..ppl always proud buying new tyres at so much lower price..but do they know that some tyres r sold at supoer low price cos they r expired even they r unused..just hv a check at ur tyres..u will see 4 numbers endorsed there..e.g 2305...meaning is the tyre is produced from yr 2005 on the 23rd week of the year..i m not expert bout tyres but let say the expiry is 1 yr after manufactured...so some ppl will trade them at the lower price bcos they r expired..but they r not fake..
The point is REJECTS R NOT FAKE..they r also ori but the quality is lower..not quality of the parfum but only bottles or boxes..for those who hv bought wif me..lots of thnx..if u r in a doubt just go and check the parfums at any counters..i hv done it before for confirmation..
I won't sell these perfumes at this kind of price if they r not ori..it is a sin to cheating ppl wif fake products while claiming ori..i'm only giving an option for a cheaper price..so its up to u..i believe u guys r the smart user..thank

Buying the best perfume as a gift

Yes, I know most of the people get are confused about what to gift on this birthday of there beloved one, but after reading this articles, I hope you will get clear about this issue. Yes, I am going to talk about perfumes, which are among one the most acceptable and loveable gift. Trust me, I am telling true, if someone is not happy with you or some how you have hurt someone. Perfumes are the best solution, which you should gift them. Then you will find smile on your beloved face which will bring smile on you face too. You will find many types of perfumes in market, which can even confuse you or make your pocket even empty. But there are also perfumes in market which will provide you more odors with fewer prices. So these articles I am going to tell you, what you should take care about during buying perfumes, below is the following tips after reading this you will find your best perfume in market. First point is you should find which smell attracts you most, because every people have different taste, so you should start with your favorite flower or fruits, whose smell attracts you most. Then if you are searching perfumes for someone to gifts you should take care of his or her favorite, like flower or fruits .and you should also take care if any festival is near by. If so you should try to wrap that perfumes according to that. If you don't have time, no need to worry, you have many option to buy perfumes, you can find many online shops offering perfumes at very less cost and delivery free. You can go for it. What you need to do, is just get online and make you payment and on next day, you will find your perfumes in your hand. Or you can find any shop near to your area, in which you can find many variety there .the advantage of buying in shop is you have hard touch to that perfumes and even you can smell the sample. There are so many companies participating in manufacturing perfumes .because perfumes have very good market in whole over the world. Some people have allergy with perfumes but they should not worry about this because in market there is also verity which helps to avoid allergy. According to the survey made in middle of the 2008, around 60 percent of the world use perfumes. Now a days there is much pollution, which has caused the increase in the temperature ,which finally led us to sweating and bad odors ,we normally not get disturb by our body odors but the people around us ,get bad smell and we get bad impression in front of her or him. And people ignore our presence. I hope these articles might have given you some tips and knowledge about perfumes .so before buying perfumes you should take care, not to buy duplicate perfumes .because in market you can find so many duplicate brands.


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