ماشاء الله تبارك الله ماشاء الله لاقوة الا بالله , اللهم اني اسالك الهدى والتقى والعفاف والغنى

Friday, October 15, 2010

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Crisis has revealed the recent sectarian that there are many mixed things the people, state and religious institutions in the country, and as a result of this confusion fell barriers intentionally or unintentionally, and based on provisions in good faith or Psoiha, and pictures of leaders shook possession of respect for the masses, and crumbled theory we thought that they remain constant and valid and the ideas we did not expect to fall so simple.
It was so at home around the corner from the chaos of no one knows what can happen through them, I expect that the results not to waste the rational and the authenticity of some of the features of the Egyptian roots of the man who grew up on the banks of the Nile tends toward life and peace, tranquility and the question is, what made Egypt until this sharp edge, which was almost falling from them?
The answer, in my opinion this is the natural outcome of mixing things, the next question of how and why mess things when people peoples level in which they are exposed to the same self-destruction?
Dear reader, I will try here to give you some of the reasons for the confusion:First: when things get confusing messBetween fixed and variable:It is difficult at home and the variable is of peoples past and future incoming and outgoing resident and migratory, and the firm is the religious text and the variable is the doctrine and theology and interpretation, difficult is the place (geography) and the variable is time ( history), and when this happens confusion between fixed and variable occurs, anxiety disorder and vibration, when considered by some that the date is set, standing in a certain moment happened on the day or time and considered that the time had then stop and make them central to a nation's history and existence, although the frequency and variety of these attitudes, comes another standing at another point in history, and both ignore that these attitudes, it is, but march of history is not equal in the history of the nation is only a memory of certain shows or told not separated from its predecessor and save to get to the end with the important result of the country is attracting a lot these Allhztin and other moments when we consider variable fixed homeland because of moments of time and consider the variable moments of time is (hard) mixes in things, and it happened in Egypt more than once, there are those who stand at the moment entry of Christians in Egypt, and another to stop the introduction of Islam, and is third in the establishment of modern Egypt, and the fourth stop on July 23 Revolution, and will replace all of the above, and the fifth and the sixth, going on here for the downfall of society we thought we fixed (home) variable and changeable (historical event), remained stable.
It is also a religious text (fixed) variable and theology and jurisprudence and interpretation (variable) continued to be a great disaster theology and jurisprudence and interpretation of human errors are wrong, and change views them over time, the text is a constant divine, and confusion between the two destroys the nation.
Second: when things get confusing mess partial movements and general trends:In any society that includes followers of different religions, nationalities and multi-ethnic, etc. .. we need to give freedom of movement for all directions of continuous partial Each religion or religious institution or place of worship or study groups or party or union .. Etc. very much interested to move easily in society and have a windows media about him and express his views, such as newspapers, radio and satellite and a website.
. Etc., and no one can stand and prevents movement of living in the community, but every society has a general orientation and the general trend expressed by the public order, which leads to social peace is the same, which gives these movements through the moment she poured in the interest of the community and its safety and security, but when you mix a religious institution or association or a club or any religious group or political movement among the community and the general direction of society, is taken that it is moving and at the same time trend and want to establish direction for society as a whole, bringing the overall orientation and want the community to every movement and activities be subject to direction, here is embarrassing confused that democratic societies to leave freedom for all political orientations, religious and cultural rights in order to interact and move and active, but not for any movement no matter how wide and deep set in the other direction as guides society as a whole, so as not to confuse things and conflict occurs.

III: mixed things when we defend the right to disagree with the inability to manage diversity:
Any group living in the community calls the right to change, and when calling this means that he is entitled to announce that he disagreed with the surrounding community in all its variety, but at the same time refuses declare others disagree on this, it means the poor management of diversity, so there is no overall strategy in the community to manage diversity practice, in which the right to change, and I've been poor management of diversity in our country as a result of tribal and nerve, and a state party, and the state of some and not all, and treatment of this confusion has come from intellectuals or religious, but it comes to reformulating the state to be a state for all, this is not achieved, however, true state of civil announce a clear strategy for managing diversity.
These state through the ruling party to any political party in which to present a program on managing diversity in Egypt with the recognition of the right to change, but any opposition party to present his plan for the management of diversity by declaring the right disagree with the inability to manage diversity is damaged confuse everything devastating.IV: mixed things when we confuse the religious and sectarian one hand, and political on the other side:
We must deliver and should not be confused with religious affiliation, political affiliation, the problem we face is not religious nor cultural, but it is a political problem first instance, the rebellion was screaming sign that unchecked religious phraseology, it is religious establishment, but if we waited a bit, we find that some clerics encourage temptations and play politics, and politicians are watching, but haggle with them on election seasons and things are wonderful to look at the latest intriguing that they face is Pope Shenouda III, Shaykh al-Azhar, which issued a joint statement to calm down, it means that we live in a religious state and not a civilian politicians did not speak but little, and who appeared in the media, mostly clergy, when President Hosni Mubarak spoke to silence political issues, all from A to Z
If we live in a civil state to state politicians and civil leaders to put the political process is what makes the fair representation for all, and in the way of cultural They spread the culture of dialogue and religious tolerance and pursuing economic ee reaches equitable distribution of wealth, before and after all who attend the state fair, and not their absence, and all this political act committed by the ruling of a state, and it undoubtedly is assigned to edit the religion from politics.
We must finally realize what has happened recently in our country is a natural result of confusion, among other things, confusion between fixed and variable, our date has been fixed and variable, and confusion between what is political and what is religious and the movement of general trends, and the right to change and managing diversity, and there is no solution to this dilemma that we face, but to recognize that simply political dilemma, people and politics and ideologues implementation should give us a vision and program plan and strategic in how their understanding and perception of movement for the management of diversity in society and everything else should refrain, because religious people and their institutions, intellectuals, and ideologies their party and are not governors have a responsibility to the community in a safe and well-being.

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